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Sellers Inspection

(Pre-Listing Inspections): Having a complete inspection prior to putting your home on the market is a great way to ensure all issues are known. 

Buyers Inspection

(Pre-Purchase Inspection): Having an inspection conducted prior to purchasing your home will ensure you are aware of potential risks and potential repairs.

Pre Offer Inspection

Prior to putting an offer in on your home, you may want to have an inspector do a brief walkthrough with you to help recognize and obvious defects prior to putting in an offer on your home.
Maintenance Inspection

A maintenance inspection includes a walk through of your existing home. This can help prevent costly repairs and potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Safety Inspection

A safety inspection can be conducted to ensure all proper safety devices are present in your home, including child safety devices.

Rental Property Inspection

Do you own a home that you rent out for the summer? If so, let us conduct an inspection at the end of the season. This is a pro active approach to preventative maintenance that could help ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck! We will provide you with a comprehensive report of all suggested repairs, from replacing the umbrella on your picnic table, to making repairs on your hot water heater. 

This is also a great inspection for property you rent out all year long. It will ensure that all of your rental properties components are working properly, and that your tenants remain happy and safe.
All of our inspections come complete with a detailed report and pictures.

Items Inspected